Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Admin related Questions
01. Who all are eligible to apply for a housing scheme in AFNHB?
02. What are the documents required with the application form at the time of registration?
03. What is the difference between general scheme and demand survey scheme?
04. Does AFNHB have land banks?
05. In how many schemes one can apply?
06. Can one apply in more than one demand survey?
07. Can we send application by post / through courier?
08. What are the different categories of dwelling units?
09. What is the procedure if one wishes to switchover to another scheme? Will the seniority be carried forward?
10. Can one upgrade/downgrade the allotted dwelling units?
11. Is reinstatement of registration is allowed?
12. Does one get any interest on registration amount and called amount if scheme is delayed?
13. How much interest a waitlisted registrant gets on withdrawal? How much time it take to get the refund?
14. What is the likelihood of schemes coming up which have been announced for census?
15. Does AFNHB charge penalty from contractors for delay in project?
16. Is there any change in demand survey money for a project on private land / turnkey project?
17. Does AFNHB sell plots/farm houses?
18. What is the normal procedure for transfer of dwelling units and time to be taken?
19. What is the procedure for transfer of ownership from original allottee to NOK on demise of the original allottee?
20. When, to whom and how can I sell my dwelling units?
21. What are Census, Demand Survey (DS) and Registration?
22. Does the Board have a tie up with banks for hassle free loans?
23. What are the documents required for availing loan?
24. What percentage of loan a serving / retired personnel is eligible to get from the bank?
25. How frequently are installments called?
26. Do we pay interest on installments received prior to instalment dates ? What is rate of interest ?
27. Is mutual exchange of dwelling units permitted?
28. Does allottee has to pay any penalty if he/she wishes to withdraw from scheme before completion or registration has been cancelled?
29. What if both husband and wife are eligible to join AFNHB schemes?
30. Does a late joiner has to pay interest for delayed period and at what rate? Also what interest is charged from defaulters?
31. What documents should an allottee read while applying for AFNHB scheme?
32. Is it mandatory for an allottee to name a nominee?
33. Why is AFNHB not able to refund the money immediately when someone opts out of scheme after his allotment is confirmed?
34. What is expected of an allottee?
35. When should be contacted in AFNHB in case of any query?
36. How Parking Space allotment and Cost is decided?
Works related Questions
01. Why do projects sometimes take longer time than envisaged for completion and handing over?
02. Can we have a copy of the plan?
03. Is there an option to change various elements of the plan like position of doors, colour scheme, size of rooms etc, during the construction phase?
04. Why are there delays in the project?
05. Is the announced cost the final cost?
06. What is defect liability period?
07. Where do we register complaints post taking over?
08. What is super built up area (SBA)?
09. What are the specifications for the DUs?
10. When is the occupancy certificate issued?
11. From when are we supposed to pay electricity bills?
12. Why should I take possession of my flats / DU on the date specified?
13. What are the quality control measures adopted by the AFNHB?
14. Does AFNHB penalise the Contractors?

Finance related Questions
01. What are equalization charges? Why and how is it charged?
02. Why are the prices of AFNHB are not fixed at the time of launching of scheme unlike the fixation of price by the private builders?
03. Can any interest be paid on deferment of installment/advance payment of installment?
04. What is the procedure of getting loan from bank/financial institutions?
05. What are the modes of remitting installments?
06. When is the final costing of the project done?
07. Why is AFNHB not able to offer compensation for "delays” like an outside builder?