(Last updated on 25 Aug 2015)
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Update as on 8 Jul 15
    1. APPROVAL FROM S.J.D.A. Mutation of land has been completed. Development Plan has been approved by SJDA. However, Land Usage Conversion approval from the Panchayat is pending . PDC 31 Jul 15.
    2. FIRE NOC NOCs obtained.
    3. AIR PORT NOC NOC obtained.
    4. E.I.A. NOC Provisional approval obtained.
    6. All NOCs and plan approval are likely to be in place by end of Aug 15. Advertisement for selection of contractor for this Project is being published and contract is likely to be awarded for construction by Dec 2015.
Registration open for few vacancies in Siliguri open till 31 May 15... [Read more....]
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Siliguri : Web update as on 2 Mar 15 [Read more....]
Registration open for Siliguri, Mysore, Jaipur Ph-II and Jalandhar. (16 Jan 2015). [Read more....]
Registration open for few vacancies in SILIGURI, MYSORE, JAIPUR PH-II and JALANDHAR. (29 Oct 2014). [Read more....]
Updates as on 14 Jun 14




SJDA Plan Approval

The provisional plans have been submitted to SJDA on 30 May 2014.
The Plan is under process for approval, likely to be completed by 30 Jul 14.

30 Jul 2014

Electricity NOC

Requisite application submitted.

31 Jul 2014

Water NOC

Not required. Borewell permission granted.


Fire NOC




In progress.

15 Nov 2014


In progress.

30 Aug 2014


Drawings are ready for submission to AAI for approval / clearance.

19 Aug 2014

    1. Project Director at site, Cdr Udai Rana (Mobile No. 09434075996) is closely monitoring and assisting in obtaining all the NOCs.
    2. Based on the above mentioned timelines the procedure for Pre-qualification & selection of contractor will be undertaken simultaneously (Aug 2014).
    3. In case all the NOCs are obtained within the anticipated time and bids received from the contractors are viable, the construction activities pertaining to the project are likely to commence from Nov 2014.
    4. Presently there are few vacancies in the project for Registration. The next installment is likely to be called in the month of Oct / Nov 14.
    5. The further development / information in this context will be promulgated on AFNHB website by end August 2014.
    6. There were minor discrepencies noticed in the land records. The correction deed for the same is being progressed. This is despite the fact that all precautions were observed by the Board and Architect.
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  • Registration re-opened till 24 Jan 2014.
  • List of Confirmed members in Siliguri Project. Click to view list...
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